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As part of their unique makeup, the Isu possessed a triple-helix DNA structure in addition to having six sensory organs as opposed to five senses and a double-helix DNA sequence, both of which humans posssess. Another trait that distinguishes the Isu from humans is that they are highly intelligent; which accounts for them living extended long periods of time. Because of this, the Isu were responsible for creating humans to use them merely as a domestic workforce. Furthermore, it is believed the Isu accomplished this task by genetically modifying several members of the Homo genus by using the Pieces of Eden to make the humans appear anatomically similar to the their creators, with the only differences being the height and the size of the skull. [2] As a result, early humans were unable to comprehend the Isu for what they truly were, so they were mistakingly revered to and worshiped as deities.

Juno (18) - Chapel Of DawnJuno (18) - Chapel Of DawnJuno (18) - Chapel Of DawnJuno (18) - Chapel Of Dawn